What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is an aesthetic procedure, also called Micro-pigmentation, Semi Permanent Makeup, that will benefit anyone who wishes to have a natural enhancement, or have medical conditions that restrict application of a regular makeup. Micro-pigmentation can be applied to create beautiful eyebrows, eyeliner above and below, lip liners, full lip color, beauty marks, scar camouflage, areola 3D restoration for breast cancer survivors.

What is the Eyebrows Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing for the eyebrows, also referred to as semi-permanent makeup or micropigmentation. It is the process of implanting color pigment beneath the surface of the skin by means of tiny, sterile, disposable needles to produce the appearance of hair strokes. Strokes look like individual hairs and Microblading creates the most realistic brows of any method.

How long will they last?

Depending on the individual’s metabolism rate and lifestyle, it lasts 1 to 3 years. It is recommended to do a color refresher yearly.

Does it hurt? Will you numb me?

Yes, you will be numbed. It’s possible that you will experience some discomfort the first pass. But we will numb you again, once the skin is open. You won’t feel much after.

What is EliminInk Tattoo Removal?

EliminInk Solution is designed to be implanted into the tissue. After the implantation, the solution binds the tattoo ink in the dermis, drawing the ink higher into the upper layers of the dermis. It creates a large molecule that body exfoliates.

What EliminInk can be used on?

EliminInk can be applied on both tattoos and permanent makeup on most areas of the body (except eyeliners).

How does it work?

Through a specially formulated process, EliminInk bonds with permanent makeup pigments and tattoo inks, resulting in a tattoo removal procedure that is NON-color dependent, unlike that of laser (which is color dependent).

What are the benefits of using EliminInk?
  • The EliminInk Tatoo removal treatment is less painful, less expensive, and faster that other treatment methods
  • the treatment is effective on all colors
  • reduces the risk of hypo-pigmentation
  • it can require fewer treatments that the majority of other methods
  • there is no messy creams to use
  • no excision of the skin required
  • it has a strong after-care program that involves the continued application of DermRenu to minimize the risk of scarring
What is the Microneedling? How does it work?

Microneedling is also referred as skin needling, percutaneous collagen induction or intra-dermabration, is a sophisticated technique, which promotes the body’s natural production of collagen and melanocytes (pigment producing cells). This process smoothes out scars wrinkles and can even the tone of some skin discoloration. This non-invasive intra-derambration procedure is long lasting and all-natural rejuvenation for the skin, similar to laser resurfacing.

Another way to describe how this procedure works is by making microscopic punches to the epidermis with the use of digital machine. It stimulates the body’s natural wound healing by breaking up old collagen strands in scars and wrinkles to produce natural collagen and melanocytes, making smoother skin. It simulates the effect of those from laser resurfacing, but without the harsh damage to the epidermis.

For how long the effect from Microneedling lasts?

Some clients see immediate results from skin needling; others notice improvement gradually over an eight week period, up to three months. Individual results vary as each body’s regeneration is unique.

Use of other skin treatments including vitamin A and C can help prevent loss of collagen. Most clients require multiple sessions to achieve desired results that generally can last years.

Is Microneedling Safe?

Needling, collagen induction is a minimally invasive procedure. Because nothing is injected, allergic reaction and side effects are nonexistent. With rapid healing, low downtime and simple aftercare, needling is an attractive solution for scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles for most people. Because the epidermis is left intact, the healing process is fast. The skin does not experience sun sensitivity, skin color loss, hyper-pigmentation or thinning of the skin. Standard care and cleanliness out of all that is required during healing.

Skin needling can treat sensitive areas that other treatments have to avoid, such as lower eyelids, neck, and in the back of the hands.

What is the Healing Process like?

The skin is red and swollen for a few days with a light scab covering the treated area. This happens with any skin penetration procedure. However, light cover-up makeup will conceal any marks, so a normal routine maybe continued. Other healing occurs within 4 to 5 days. Although some immediate improvement is noted, in a healing-dermis continues to smooth and tighten the skin to the next 6 to 9 months, as collagen is laid down in a smoother, more regular manner.

Microneedling is good for:
  •  lines and wrinkles (may only need one procedure)
  • Medium dFineepth wrinkles may initially need two treatments, each treatment being 3 to 6 months apart
  • Severely deep wrinkles may initially need three treatments 3 to 6 months apart
  • Scars from most surgeries or injuries
  • Acne and pox scars on face and body
  • Stretch marks from pregnancy or weight loss
  • Wrinkles on face, neck or hands
  • Large pores on face
Microneedling is not for:
  • Keloid or raised scars
  • Dark or red scars