How to Create Your Multi-Million Dollar Business With Ease

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A handbook for Small Business Owners, Beauty Professionals, Permanent Makeup Artists and for those who want to create their own business.

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How to Create Your Multi Million Dollar Business with Ease

In How to create your multi-million dollar business with ease, Irina Cheva explains how finding your life’s purpose can lead you to creating a lucrative business and the life of your dreams. Irina was from a poor family in the Soviet Union. She came to the United States without even knowing the language and built her own multi-million dollar business by solving the skin issues that plagued her since childhood and focusing on love and service to others.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to use the Law of Attraction and your attitude to manifest your goals
  • The exact steps to take to build your own multi-million dollar business
  • How to monetize your business
  • Tips for inner and outer beauty
  • Why customer service is essential to your business

This book is for anyone who wants to build their own business. Irina gives practical, logical advice as well as secrets to applying the Law of Attraction that you can apply to any business.

 Irina Cheva is an Entrepreneur, Author, Mentor, Philanthropist and Speaker

From the Author: “Each year millions of Americans look at their reflection and see cancer staring back at them—not necessarily in the form of the disease itself, but in the ravages of treatment. I created Save the Brow Foundation to give cancer patients the option to continue to be the best version of themselves – before, during and after treatment. Permanent makeup prior to chemotherapy gives patients the confidence to face the disease head on – allowing them to avoid the stereotype of looking like a sick person. 

I dedicate this book to all survivors and I’m grateful for each individual who made the purchase because it helps provide permanent makeup services to cancer patients undergoing treatment across the country.” Visit for more information.” – Irina Cheva, Founder of Save the Brow Foundation.